A Well-Informed Adolescent Campaign (2018)


A well-Informed Adolescent campaign targets young people between ages 10-19 years educating them about their sexual reproductive health needs. This initiative was borne out of the desire to reduce the incidence of reproductive health problems among adolescents due to lack of adequate Sexual (SRH) reproductive health information and barriers in accessing SRH services in Nigeria.

Reproductive health needs of adolescents as a group have been largely ignored to date; there is no access to sexual reproductive health services. Young people (10-24 years of age) face tremendous challenges meeting their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs. Inadequate access to health information and services, as well as inequitable gender norms, lack of health policies, religions and sociocultural barriers contributes to lack of sexual reproductive health and human rights. The society and government response to the reproductive health needs of adolescents have been that of silence and this has led to grave implications on young people’s health, welfare and economic development as well as poverty prevalence in Nigeria.

The campaign was carried out in ten (10) secondary schools in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River state Nigeria one of the state in South-South Region with highest HIV prevalence in Nigeria. We were able to reach out to 1594 students in 9 secondary schools in the enlightening them about their SRH.

The Campaign highlight included:

  • Sharing facts about HIV/AIDs and other STIs
  • Teaching them about their sexuality
  • Educating about their Sexual Reproductive health and rights as human rights
  • Sharing sanitary towels to girls and teaching them how to use it.
  • Explaining menstrual hygiene to young girls
  • Educating and creating awareness about contraceptive
  • We clarified young girls and boys about their reproductive health and educated them to not allow sociocultural or religious barrier in accessing SRHR.
  • We shared reproductive health fliers to the students.

The campaign was a success and the students were so happy and pleaded we come again to their schools. This knowledge they gained in turn enables these young people to make more informed decisions regarding their own sexual health and rights.