CSE Project

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Secondary Schools in partnership with Society for Family Health under its Spotlight Initiative funded by UNESCO


A Well-Informed Adolescent is committed to the development of Adolescents and in partnership with Society for Family Health under its spotlight initiative,  volunteers were trained on assertiveness, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Gender Based Violence (GBV) among other topics and went further to give her volunteers the opportunity to carry out step down trainings in five schools in Calabar.  Through the project, capacity building was achieved as a result of the opportunity given to Volunteers of A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative to train adolescents and contribute in knowledge, social impact and behavioral change.


Other Projects

Youth & Sexual Health Campaign​

Youth and their Sexual Health online Campaign in partnership with Education as a Vaccine and AFRIYAN Nigeria funded by UNFPA


Sustainable Solution Africa Project ​

A Well-Informed Adolescent Campaign 2020 in Bakassi Cross River State supported by Cuso International and Youth Parliamentarian Bakassi (II) Constituency Cross River Youth Parliament and Funded by Pollination Grant, U.S.A

World Menstrual Hygiene Day commemoration

As an organization with a responsibility to promote Reproductive Health, A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day annually.


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Our work focuses on gender, empowerment and health. 

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Our work focuses on gender, empowerment and health.