WVL Project

Women Voice Leadership Project in Partnership with Neighborhood CareWell Foundation supported by ActionAid Nigeria funded by Global Affairs Canada (ongoing).

Women Voice Leadership (WVL) project is a five-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project is aimed at tackling the barriers to gender equality and supporting the empowerment of women and girls through provision of financial and technical resources to local feminist/women’s rights organisations in Nigeria.

AWA Initiative has through the WVL Project, has achieved great results in the fight against Gender-Based Violence through the implementation of several activities in Ediba-Qua, Akai-Effa, Biq-quo and Akim-quo communities; and these great results being positive behavioral changes among community members and success stories were achieved through sensitizations, advocacy meetings, trainings and townhall meetings. The highlight of the organization’s achievements are:

  • Creation of a GBB referral pathway and service delivery directorate; the first of its kind in Cross River State,
  • Contributing to the VAPP Law in Cross River State,
  • Creation of I support Her Club in the community to promote male involvement in the fight against violence against women and girls

Creation of community bystanders and community advocates against Gender-Based Violence in the community.


Other Projects

CSE Project

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Secondary Schools in partnership with Society for Family Health under its Spotlight Initiative funded by UNESCO


Youth & Sexual Health Campaign

Youth and their Sexual Health online Campaign in partnership with Education as a Vaccine and AFRIYAN Nigeria funded by UNFPA


Sustainable Solution Africa Project

A Well-Informed Adolescent Campaign 2020 in Bakassi Cross River State supported by Cuso International and Youth Parliamentarian Bakassi (II) Constituency Cross River Youth Parliament and Funded by Pollination Grant, U.S.A


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