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Your Vote Your Voice Project

Nigeria has continued to experience terrible low out of voters during every election cycle, 39 per cent in the 2011 elections, 30 per cent in 2015 and a downward 35 per cent in the 2019 election, when the nation has over 84 million registered voters (INEC). The main reasons for Voters apathy in Nigeria is due to the lack of trust in the election process and the fact that Nigerians do not always feel the effects of governance. And this has in turn made the citizens continue to lose interest and trust in not only the electoral process but in governance as a whole. Regardless, elections continue to be held at higher costs with INEC making provisions for all eligible voters, including the more than 60 per cent who may not show up. Nigerian citizens lack interest in fulfilling their civic responsibilities which includes; voting rights and responsibilities, political engagement, obeying the laws of the state, protection of public property, paying taxes and defense if the state and crime prevention. ‘Your Vote your Voice’ Project aims to address these issues in Cross River and Ogun State respectively from 2022 leading to 2023.



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